Frequently Asked Questions


YES! Bylegislation, all phones sold in Singapore cannot be SIM locked.

Export sets are usually cheaper. Some models may also be available before they are launched locally.

Export sets are sold as-is and without warranty.

All of the products that we carry are generally listed on the site.
However, should you need our help in sourcing a particular model of mobile phone or accessories feel free to contact us and we will try our best to get the product for you.

A trade-in refers to a customer who exchanges an old phone for another phone and obtains a rebate. Selling us phones for cash does not require a purchase.
Trade-in prices are usually higher than selling prices.

We will require the phone and all original accessories that came with the phone. If there are missing accessories or an expired warranty, the value of the phone may be reduced.
We will also need an ID – NRIC, Passport or similar. This is required by the Singapore Police Force to deter and track mobile phone theft.

Not at the moment. International shipping will be available once we finalize all shipping costs.

PayPal – PayPal accepts credit/debit cards. All paypal payments excludes a paypal charge of 3.9% + $0.50 per transaction.

Cash on Delivery

We try to hold most of the popular models in our retail store, however we would always advise our customers to contact us at our sales hotline to check for stocks availability or reservation to avoid any disappointment.

We would encourage consumers to contact us at our sales hotline, or alternatively drop us an email at with your contact details to reserve a set.

We will provide free application services for screen protectors upon purchase at our store.

Yes, we do accept corporate orders. Drop us a mail at for an official quotation.

No, we do not accept any installment packages.

No, all our cash payment prices are listed as is. There are no hidden charges or gimmicks. You will get the phone and it’s full original contents.

No, we do not provide any refund or 7 days exchange policy.
We will only provide a replacement set if the set is not working when under inspection by our customers.
We therefore encourage all consumers to test the phone thoroughly before leaving our store.
Should there be any faults after leaving the store, consumers will be advised to proceed to the local manufacturers service centre for technical support.